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Changing the Lives of Women in Australia

What We Do at Outstanding Women Leaders

We empower women and provide with the skills and mindset they need in order to be the best version of themselves. We provide this via many different services that can be general, specialised, catered to your company, and community based.

Our main three methods of providing this training is via presentations, workshops, and events.




Specially Catered Presentations

Our presentations are our most popular program that we have to offer. A great way to inspire the women in your life, by making them want to be the best version of themselves. We hire in guest speakers along with our founder in order to provide the best experience and education possible.


Specialised and General Workshops

Our workshops go beyond just speaking, but actively engaging the women to be involved with the learning. Both group and individual exercises are used. The workshops can be our general workshops that are our basic workshops, or we can create a specialised workshops catered to you and your women’s needs.


Corporate and Community Events

Our events are our biggest programs. Our events last for a whole day rather than for a set of time. Gift bags, guest speakers, group exercises, individual exercises, and so much more is provided for our events. We consider events to be the best way for women to truly learn from the people at OWL. Events can be both for communities and for corporations.

learn from the best female leaders in Australia

grow your knowledge and your mindset

leave a better and more
empowered woman

Our presentations, workshops, and events are the way we like to inspire and change the woman in our programs. We have access to some of the best female leaders and best female leader teachers to present / come to these programs. We want you and all attending this program to take away something that can help them grow as women.

Learn Grow Inspire

Book Us To Speak At Your Next Event

Want Outstanding Women Leaders to speak at your next event? Book us in to create a memorable and empowering experience for the women in your workforce.

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