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Guilt about time

March 19, 2017


GAWD!! Hands up everyone who has had enough of feeling guilty about time! (Both my hands are up and so are my other 1000 imaginary hands)


So this weekend has been a right off. With one teenager working, another applying for jobs and doing cover letters (seriously, why hasn't recruitment changed over the last 40 years), another teenager getting ready for camping, the 11 year old stuck to his screen until he announced late on Sunday afternoon that he had an assignment due....well it's all been a little bit shit. Plus there is the preparing for the week, making time to get my hair done, dyeing the teenagers hair as well, trying to shut down the persistent email of someone cyber staking me and answering the 3000 group message chats I'm on, with only squeezing in 5 second snogs with my husband in between. And yet somehow I am still feeling guilty over time...WTF?


The time guilt monster (I like to think of him as looking like the drummer from The Muppet Show with an annoying drawl to his accent) really keeps throwing his head around in my face and I say Enough Already!! Where did all of this guilt come from? And why does he look like a muppet? When are we ever satisfied with our time or our attention during it? Don't give me that 'be present' and you will have all the time in the world shit. I'm a pretty present person, but as a woman it's more than just that. It's my attachment to doing enough for everyone and still feeling sane. 


So Enough Already! Let's do this! Let's start a revolution of not a) apologising for how we spend our time and b) for letting go of this stupid guilt monster and his ridiculous accent. All that we give is enough. We are enough. We need to let that shit go. Who's with me??

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