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If only I wasn't

June 13, 2016

You know how it goes. If only I wasn't so broke, so fat, so unhealthy, so isolated, so busy, so bored, so tired, so tall, so stuck, so, so, so.... you get the idea.

We all think and feel this right? Please dear god, don't let it only be me! What the hell are we all waiting for? I don't know, it's hard always inside that tricksy brain, and really all of the 'so' is just really what we think we 'should' be doing, or punishing ourselves endlessly because we aren't perfect. Don't you think?

I mean there are legitimate reasons in life that can stop us, but can I tell you my weight isn't one of them. I have an awesome body that nurtures me and looks after me...albeit even if it is overweight (dear body, if you could miraculously lose 30 kilos without me having to lift a finger I'd appreciate it), but it certainly doesn't stop me from being my best version. It's that tricksy brain that does that. 

Years of comparing ourselves to others, years of wishing, hoping, praying even and thinking 'If only I wasn't so...". 

So how about just even for a day or two this week, we cut that shit out. How about when we see that thought come up we just go "Oh, g'day. There you are." Then ignore the hell out of it. Kind of like we do when the kids are talking about minecraft. You know it ;).

Let's try and ignore that tricksy brain and affirm to ourselves that we can do anything we want because we are worth it. 





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