outstanding women leaders

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What is the one day program about?

This is a jam packed one day only program for all women in leadership roles. Whether it is that you run your own business, are a coach of a local team or a corporate leader with large responsibilities, this program is definately for you!

Over the last five years of facilitating these workshops to various groups of women, well let's just say we know this is going to be mind-blowing! This one day program is a personal development program with a professional edge and it always and every time hits the mark.

  • Like the idea of networking, but it seems to disenguinous...well we got that covered. Come along and open up some meaningful, helpful and outstanding relationships

  • Can't stand those workshops where it is group work about problem solving meaningless crap? Well there is none of that at our workshops. It is authentic and real and for the modern woman, that's for sure

  • Sick of death by presentation and facilitation? Don't worry for one second about that. This workshop is a cutting edge experience with tonnes of action, tools and connections to take away!


In this one day program we are going to cover:

  • Being your best version alongside complex relationships

  • How to get your serious growth game flourishing

  • Courage and confidence through small but significant steps

  • How to move into your enhanced version of yourself without compromising anything

  • Reframe those thoughts that are holding you back and kicking them to the curb

  • And so much more!

So if you think this program is for you, or one of your team, or your local coach, or even the woman who runs that incredible shop that you love. Please join us, grab a ticket and let's have an outstanding women leaders experience together!

All you need is to reserve a seat at this stage (completely free) and we will be in touch within a week before the program for payment of $699.00 per person. We have really priced this workshop at a cost that allows anyone to come along and considering an Excel one day course is around the $500, well we know at our price and with what we offer, you are going to have an incredible experience.

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