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Empowering the Women of Australia

Welcome to Outstanding Women Leaders

Outstanding Women Leaders is all about empowering women to be the best version of themselves in a modern and real way.
We believe in the power of women and their ability to make a difference, make an impact, make it happen and that they are genuinely extraordinary.

The women who invest in themselves and join us at OWL, either through membership, in an organisation we work with or when they attend one of our events, are all just like you. Explorers of self and driven by a need to be their own best version, whatever that is.

Outstanding Women Leaders can help you stop that voice in your head who is nagging, worrying, obsessing and comparing and turn it into strength, confidence, purpose and allow you to live an authentic life.



Specially Catered Presentations
Specialised and General Workshops
Corporate and Community Events

Really great. Created a space to be authentic and vulnerable

Very comforting and easy going. No pressure.
Just right.

Who We Are

Outstanding Women Leaders was created by founder Tiffany Wann in 2015, as a way to connect to real women of the 21st century. She worked in Senior Leadership roles, helped organisations deliver leadership development, contributed heavily to a change in safety culture in a large organisation and have a deep passion for personal transformation and development. This lead her to creating this organisation. She wants to take her knowledge in workplace leadership training, and apply it to the women of Australia. Tiffany and her many partners at OWL, make it their mission to empower the women of Australia and give them the confidence and mindset to be an empowering leader at work and at home.

Authenticity is Having a Loving Conversation With Yourself

- Founder, Tiffany Wann

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